Thursday, 29 May 2008

Networking Lunch

Yesterday I went to a Networking Lunch at the "other" Yacht Club at Kota Batu. (The "other" because it's far from being child friendly, concentrates completely on the grown-up clientele, so we rarely go there). It was arranged by the BCL, the British Community Link, and we were about 40 ladies from all different places here in Brunei who met, to network and get to know new people.

It was a very good initiative. I got to meet a few people I hadn't met before; and catch up with others I hadn't seen for long. Some were people I see several times a week, but since Brunei is so small, that was unavoidable.
It lasted most of the afternoon, since we had a four-course lunch with wine and there was a lot of chatting going on. We also got a little "goodie-bag" which was mostly appreciated.

Hopefully this was the first of many events like this. It was really nice to get out of the normal circle of people and get to know some new faces!

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