Sunday, 11 May 2008

NashHash 2008

Today the whole family took part in the 7th NashHash, which is a sort of super-hash joining different hash chapters around Brunei. They were all represented, the HeteroHash, the Men's Hash, the Women's Hash, the Tutong Hash, the Kiddie Hash etc.
There was three runs to chose from, and since we had brought the kids along we took the short run. But, since it wasn't a "kids" run as such, even the short one was pretty long - and tricky at places.
Look here, as Nathan helps the kids climb this "bridge":

Lucas is really good, he does it all by himself, only needs a hand to hold on to if the hills are too steep or he needs to balance over something. Even Linnea is pretty tough actually, but by the end, she gets tired and needs a ride - and a drink:

It was a muddy one today, but this was only the beginning..:

Mum and Lucas:

The Watson family was here:

Here we are, out of the jungle, on the home stretch back to sign out:

Unfortunately, the wind and the rain rolled in, so we had to all stay under the tents.

A bit of a shame, but didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves. The kids had fun in the mud, found some new friends - and before going home we had some yummy shawarma.

It was a really great afternoon! I so enjoy being together the whole family, being outside, doing something sporty and active - it's great!

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