Saturday, 31 May 2008

The next step

We now have no more babies in our house. Linnea is fully potty trained! Yay!
On day four, she all of a sudden just went, all by herself; and ever since she has been going to the potty and the toilet like she has never done anything else! So clever! Our big girl!

The next step will be to get rid of the dummies...

But we've said that we will wait a bit with that considering there is going to be a lot going on the next few months and she has just gone through potty-training. We might work on it up to Christmas, so that she will give Santa her dummies. I think that is a good plan.

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Cissi said...

så söt hon är! Sophie har också flera nappar när hon sover. Vi ska nog försöka bli av med dem när den holländska Santa kommer ;)