Thursday, 22 May 2008

Potty training - Part 2

We have decided to give the potty training another go. Last time Linnea didn't show much interest, so we gave up almost before we started. To be honest, she still doesn't seem to keen - but this time we are sticking with it. We have simply taken her out of nappies, and we are not planning on going back now. Sooner or later she must get it!

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It is a bit daunting, and I think it also seems like hard work with her, since we remember how Lucas understood it so quickly. He was a lot younger too. Linnea hasn't once these past two days managed to actually do anything on the potty - but always on the floor, preferably just next to the potty...
Ah well, we are not giving up! It's time, for sure, and we will all be a lot happier once she is on the toilet instead of in nappies!

Edit: Yay! After 1 1/2 hours of hurling "I want my nappyyy!" at the top of her voice, she calmed down and actually came and got her potty herself, and sat down and performed! Yay!

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