Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A glass of water

If you go to a restaurant here in Brunei, and ask for a glass of water, you will more often than not get a boiling hot glass of water.

Just look at this picture, you can see the steam on the side of the jugs!

The reason the water is hot is not only because they boil it to clean it (you wouldn't serve water straight from the tap here, it's not very clean - as I have been writing about here), but also because many Bruneians will find a hot glass of water actually cools you down better than a cold one, just like the Brits drink hot tea to cool themselves!
Not me though, still seems strange to me. Who knows, I might get used to it with time.

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Dogeared said...

Hot drinks don't cool down as fast as cold ones, but importantly, the effect lasts longer - which is probably why Brits still drink tea and coffee in the summer [lol]

But it's another useful tip to know, about the water, should I ever find myself in Brunei! I love learning new things about foreign places ;-)

Have you seen the City Daily Photo Blogs?, I think. People in different cities all over the world - incredible to be able to travel the word and see so much, without leaving my room!