Monday, 5 May 2008

How to travel

My good friend Anne is on her way home to Denmark tonight, with her two boys. She was a bit nervous as to how the trip would go, since she's on her own with the kids and it's indeed quite a long trip.
I tried to give her all the advice I had on how to keep the kids entertained, but to be honest - our kids travel so well, I didn't have much advice to give!

Our two might be loud and noisy otherwise, but on an aeroplane they are absolutely amazing! The trip home from Sydney was Lucas' 86th flight, and Linnea's 56th. They know the drill, that's for sure.
I managed to watch three (!) movies on the way home - all while Linnea was playing with the little inflight kit they give you (with socks, earplugs and lip balm etc.), watched her own movies, slept a bit, ate some and listen to stories (Astrid Lindgren again) on my iPod.

Lucas of course, was playing PSP most of the way, so Nathan managed to watch some movies as well, and do some sudoku.
It was another very pleasant flight!


Anki72 said...

Nu har även jag blivit medlem här och får skriva kommentarer till dig. Jag bloggar på

Kram Annika

Dogeared said...

Wow - 86 flights? He's so young! And 56 for Linnea is impressive too! I've not clocked up even near that many I think, and I'm 26! I've got 26 I can remember (I forget how many I've done up north to visit friends, and between Newquay and London (quicker and cheaper than driving)...

You have very cosmopolitan kids!