Tuesday, 20 May 2008


I wasn't aware that climbing a mountain was going to be such hard work - afterwards!
I curse the fact that we have a two-story house, cause at the moment I'm (still) having real trouble getting up and (above all) down those stairs. Doesn't help that we only have toilets upstairs either... ouch.

To sum up the climb now a few days after, when the disappointed over not being allowed to reach the summit has faded a bit, I can say this:

Best thing I packed: The hiking socks. No matter how wet my shoes got all the way in, my feet stayed nice and warm through the whole ascent, and descent.

Worst thing I packed: Well, we had far too many snacks... (I will not eat any more KitKats for a very long time...) But, the porters carried them, so it didn't really matter.

I was missing: My windbreaker. A lot. I couldn't find mine and thought I would be fine with Nathans merino wool sweater, but a windbreaker would have been nice - considering it was really windy!

Biggest disappointement: (A part from missing out on the summit) That we had no view - and I had only brought the big lens for the camera aiming to shoot some nice scenic photos... so I could now shoot none at all...

Hardest part: Freezing so much. At Laban Rata before the porters arrived with our backpacks and all our dry stuff I seriously was so cold I could hardly talk. Brrr, I get chills just thinking about it!

Funniest bit: Hard to choose! But that so many thought we were a professional climbing team competes closely with the fact that we only got black-and-white certificates "because we didn't reach the top", instead of the pretty ones in colour you normally get! (The guy had probably just run out of ink, but he was quick on giving us an answer anyway.)

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Dogeared said...

A friend who has run marathons found that when she was sore afterwards, and had to go downstairs, it actually helped to go down them backwards. Something about stretching the muscles. Maybe that'll help?