Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The proof

Here is the (black-and-white) certificate we got, for ascending (but not reaching the top...) of Mount Kinabalu (clickable as always):

I still find the certificate really pretty, even in black-and-white!
The big flower pictured down to the right, is a Rafflesia - one of the biggest flowers in the world. In the middle you can see a Pitcher Plant. Mt Kinabalu apparently boasts of having 10 of the 30 different varieties there are in the world, amongst them the biggest one, which can contain 3,5 liter of water! Quite amazing!

(The joke was, that Maria's husband did the climb a couple of months ago and he got this beautiful certificate, in colour - that he framed and put up on the wall. Maria of course was planning to frame hers as well to put it next to her husbands, but now she didn't think so...
We were joking that she could always give it to her 3-year old and he could colour it in for her!

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