Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The scrapbooking presentation

Today was the day for the big presentation at the BCL-meeting, about scrapbooking.
I was well prepared, I had spent hours and hours putting together a PowerPoint presentation and practised my speech several times. I was nervous, yes, but really looking forward to it too!

Imagine my disappointment when the technical equipment let me down... we couldn't connect the computer to the projector, because we/they didn't have the right cable... Boo-hoo.
The people who had come to listen didn't mind, and my presentation went really well anyway. I just felt slightly disheartened since I had put so much time and energy into creating a nice visual presentation, and was so proud of myself with this first effort in doing a PP...

Anyway, here I am in action, using the white board and more animated version of myself instead:

I got super feedback on my presentation though! Enough to raise my spirit! It was really great fun!


Lillie dAmour said...

Hej Boel.
Vad du är duktig, skönt att det gick bra.
Intressant att läsa om er resa.
Ah vad ni reser!!

Scrapper-holic said...

Sorry to hear bout the computer let down but great to hear tat the presentation went well!! Well done!! It was also great to see you at Shabby last weekend. :-)