Sunday, 25 May 2008

School holiday

This week it's Midterm Holiday, so no school for a whole week!
We don't have any big plans though, cause Nathan is working a bit, and I have my scrapbooking projects going on. A few playdates here and there, and the return of Malthe and Daniel at the end of the week, which will probably going to be the highlight.
We spent all day at the Yacht Club yesterday, as the only ones, it was actually _just_ us there, which was nice in a way and a bit lonely in another.
Nathan and I went for sushi and a couple of drinks at some friends house last night, which was really nice. Had been a while since our last sushi frenzy.

Today it was Kids Hash again. We all had a great time - especially the kids, of course. Lucas has made himself some good friends there that he looks forward to seeing every time, and today they spent ages digging in the sand, getting dirty.
Linnea has had three hits at the potty today, and (*knock on wood*) no accidents, as of yet! So maybe she is actually getting it sooner than we thought!

Tonight is pizza night, as so many other times after a late Sunday out. We are eagerly awaiting the "pizza motorbike" and having a slouchy evening.

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