Saturday, 10 May 2008

Our first A&E-visit

Today we had another, not so pleasant, first.

I had been to the supermarket when Nathan calls me and asks how far I am from home in a very upset voice. Turns out Lucas had been drinking mosquito-kill-liquid (the kind you plug into the electrical socket, that will evaporate and keep mosquitos away).
He and Linnea had been playing upstairs and apparently found this little bottle (that we didn't have plugged in the socket but on a shelf in his wardrobe) and got curious. He then came downstairs to tell Nathan he had "yuk" on his tongue from "drinking the black"...

We took him to the A&E, but the Dr was quite calm about it and said not to worry. He didn't think he had been drinking enough to get sick, and the composition of the liquid wasn't dangerous either.
So we got sent home again and just needs to keep an eye on him the next 24 hours. In case he starts vommitting uncontrollably or gets stomach pains - we have to go back.

I don't think he would have had all that much either. It smells very bad, and probably tastes just as bad. Plus, to get it out of the bottle he would have had to suck on the "stick", it didn't just pour out.

The Dr, who was from India, said this happened a bit in India, but that it was the first time he had a case of this since he came to Brunei 2 years ago - so at least he had something new to deal with today!

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