Saturday, 3 May 2008

Holy Comoly!

Hey! We are back home - home sweet home...

We have had two great and very busy weeks down-under, with the whole family. It was Granddad's 60th, so they came over from NZ together with their best friends, to celebrate it in style with the rest of us.

The birthday weekend itself was spent in the wine district of Hunter Valley.
The first evening we all went to an Irish restaurant for dinner, and some beer tasting. The Saturday, which was the birthday, we first visited two different wineries - one where we tasted champagne and another one where we sat down and had the full-on tasting of about 10-12 different kinds of wine! It was red, white, dessert wine etc - it even included cheese and crackers! It was fab!
We then went to a very nice restaurant for the birthday lunch. It was a three-hour happening, so lucky we had brought the PSPs and the Archos for the kids! Linnea even took a nap on the floor in the middle of it all!
The birthday was finished with a bbq-feast on our patio at the hotel, that the hotel supplied.

Sunday we drove back the scenic route, via Wisemans Ferry. It was faboulus views although the kids were not too impressed, all we heard from the backseat was "are we there yet?" over and over again.

Apart from celebrating the big birthday, we managed to do quite a bit of shopping and I went to three classes at Nikki's scrapbook shop and got to meet her colleagues.
The kids have been playing very nicely with each other this time. Although they have been loud and rowdy, it hasn't been too many rows to break up, which has been nice.

Our family also went in to Sydney City one day, to see my friends from home, Carina & Oscar. They normally live in Malmö but are outstationed in Sydney for five months.
We went to the Sydney Aquarium together, an outing I really liked - and the kids too! It had a fantastic shark tunnel, where you walked in the middle of all the fish, so cool.
We stayed over at their place in Manly, played at the beach, had a gorgeous dinner and some nice time catching up - and the next day we did The Rocks together with Grandma and Granddad before we returned out to the suburbs.

We also went to the Featherdale Wildlife Park on our last day. It's a park with all the Australian animals, and you even get to get up close and cosy with the koalas and kangaroos - it was great, I really enjoyed that! Both Lucas and Linnea were very brave, and fed and patted the kangaroos. Lucas' favourite animal was the kangaroo and Linnea's favourite was the baby Koala bear. (Liam's was the crocodile, and Caitlin's the fluffy bunny...)

All together we had a wonderful time - but coming home was nice too! (The amah had apparently been bored, because she had re-folded ALL our clothes in our wardrobes and sorted ALL the kids toys... hi hi)

Here is a slide show with a selection of all the photos we took on this trip:


Familjen i Rom said...

Vad mycket roligt ni hann göra! Kul att se alla fina bilder! kram

Scrapper-holic said...

Welcome home!! Looks like you guys had a fab holiday!!