Thursday, 8 May 2008

Tea Party

Here is a little picture from this morning, and Linneas playgroup. This is Linnea and her friend Ben having a little tea party:

Linnea goes to a friend of mine once a week (sometimes twice, like this week) for a couple of hours in the morning. My friend has an organised playgroup for pre-schoolers at her house. It's really well done, she has loads of artistic material and loads of toys and water play for the kids to use as they wish. Linnea always comes home with loads of paintings and drawings she has done, she loves being creative!
My friend is the most patient person I know and she is absolutely fantastic with the kids!

Linnea loves it and every morning she is asking if she is going to "Issa" today.
It will do her good to start pre-kindy in August, she is really ready for it. She craves the interaction with other kids, and also more action than I can provide here at home, and one day a week at the playgroup isn't really enough.

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