Sunday, 18 May 2008

A busy Sunday

When I landed back here at 09.30 this morning, it was straight in to a busy Sunday program for the Watsons!
Nathan and the kids had already left home, and I met up with them down at the Empire, where Lucas was invited to a birthday party by one of his little class mates. It was lovely, all the siblings and parents were there too and we all swam and hung out - and the kids got lunch and cake:

Charlie, Gilbert and Lucas waiting for the cake:

Then we went home to try and have a bit of a siesta (without luck) and back to the Empire again in the afternoon. This time to have Afternoon Tea with a lady from the Swedish Embassy in Singapore, the priest who had come over from the Swedish Church and four of the other Swedish families/couples who are living here in Brunei.
My team mates were there too of course, and we were all a little bit sore - so some cake did us well! Anna and I:

The fabulous Afternoon Tea:

The kids behaved really well over at their table:

Just another Sunday... Tomorrow it's school again, one more week before the Midterm Holiday.

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