Thursday, 29 May 2008

In a land far, far away

Sometimes it feels like we are living at the end of the world. We have been here now for almost 10 months, and we haven't had a single visitor yet...
I know it's not that easy for most, you can't just pop over for a weekend - but still, no one?!
Feels like everybody have visitors, all the time, apart from us. Our Danish friends out here who arrived months after us, have already had three sets of visitors, and the Scotts (who have been here 1 1/2 years) have lost count already... but none for us. (Hear the violins? Boo-hoo...)

Seriously though, it feels very weird for us, cause our house in the UK was almost like a hotel at some times. We had so many visitors coming to see us, most of our friends came at least once a year, many even more often. It was wonderful, I like having guests!

I am really looking forward to having people coming to see us here in Brunei. My parents will be coming in the fall, so even if I don't know exact dates yet, at least I know they are coming!
I have so many plans for any visitor that comes, there is so much to see and do, and Brunei is so special in many ways. As you probably wouldn't go to Brunei otherwise, being able to come and visit us here is a fantastic opportunity to experience something different! You can go to Thailand or Bali on charter anytime, but Brunei - see, that's exotic!

So what are you waiting for?! Book your trips now people! Nuestra casa es su casa, you know!

(Edit: Anna (Scott) just told me today, that tomorrow they are receieving their 13th set of guests... 13th!)


Anki72 said...

Jag hade gääääärna kommit och hälsat på skall du veta. Men jag kan tänka mig att flygbiljetten kostar skjortan och skjortor har jag tyvärr inte så gott om just nu... :(

En häxa på vift said...

jo... jag lever 1 timme och 50 minuters flygresa från Sverige och jag har inte heller haft en enda besökare på de 10 månader jag bott här.....
Men min storebror kommer i sommar, DET ska bli jättekul!

Dogeared said...

As much as I'd love to see Brunei, I'm thinking that a near total internet stranger to you would be a bit much! But wow, how cool would it be to visit Brunei, and see it as you do (i.e. not just a tourist).

I will now add Brunei to my list of "places to see at some point" list, as you seem to love it so much! (it's also why I keep reading here, I love seeing Brunei and what you all get up to!)