Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Missed Kodak Moment

I forgot my camera today for the hash, since it was at charging up for the big adventure I didn't think about bringing it.
Of course, today's hash was the most scenic and beautiful I have done so far... Typical!

It was full of big, huge trees - apparently we ran past Brunei's oldest tree! We passed a huge waterfall and walked along ridges high, high up with a view over the coast - it was all so pretty!

I was jogging quite a bit today, and came to place myself between the superfit and fast front runners and the walkie-talkies. So most of the time, it was just me and the jungle! It was all peaceful and lovely, I could hear birds sing and I walked and jogged along, just enjoying it all (concentrating on following the right paper so I wouldn't get lost) in my own pace.

The shout-up was great too, we had a beautiful sunset over the coast, and Flying Foxes (fruit bats) circling over our heads.
Brunei at it's best!


amelia said...

Vad vackert och exotiskt det låter! Önskar att jag kunde jogga omkring sådär som du beskriver det, jag skulle orka 100 meter, sen är det slutsprunget för mig. Men jag är bra på att promenera ;)

Anki72 said...

Finns det inga giftiga ormar i djungeln? Jag hade aldrig vågar skall villigt erkännas. :)