Saturday, 19 October 2013


I must admit I wasn't really looking forward to these two weeks of school holiday. Already after the first three days I had about had enough of the quibbling and arguing..!
But, then came Singapore, and Singapore always delivers! It was such a nice break, it was well needed to get away for all of us I think. We did some cool things together as a family and it was fantastic to spend time with Misuzu and her family, and getting some retail therapy done too!

Even though we had nearly a whole week left when we came back, it has swosched by!
I actually don't feel ready to go back to the early mornings, school runs and what have you already on Monday! (Normally you'd see me doing the happy dance across the parking lot!)
I've so enjoyed my long sleep-ins, not having many plans, hanging about at home not doing much, spending time together and taking the day as it comes. I'm not done! (Especially not since we now have eight long weeks until the Christmas holidays...)

Ah well, for now, I'll take my sore Lego-fingers (we're in the middle of a big tidy-up right now!) and go make another cup of coffee to enjoy the rest of my afternoon with. We still have one more day!

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