Monday, 14 October 2013

Singapore Break, Day 5

We were on the lunchtime flight home today as well, so this morning was just basically wake up, breakfast, clothes, teeth - and go! I had done most of the packing last night, since a lot of it was secret squirrel stuff that needed to be packed away from curious little eyes..! Still time for a last hang out in their PJs:

And after we had left, Misuzu messaged me a photo of this little note that she had found in Oliver's room. Bless!

I so love traveling between Brunei and Singapore, it's the best! So easy! It's like taking the local bus! We left the Roses at 10am for the 12.05 flight (so ended up being in very good time because I wanted to browse the shops, get some magazines and have time for a coffee). We could actually have left a whole hour later even - they only live 10 minutes away from the airport.
There was nobody in the queue to check-in and check-in took about 2 minutes; nobody in the queue for immigration, we basically walked straight through.
Flight was on time and once we arrived here, we were first in queue for immigration - and once we were through, there was our bags waiting for us! 10 minutes later, and we were home! Love it!

We discovered a new garden installation at Changi Terminal 2 as well by the way, "The Enchanted Garden", quite pretty!

The main features of the garden are these giant glass sculptures, decorated with a mosaic of reflective and shimmering glass. Within these glass bouquets there was a variety of freshly-cut flowers.
This garden is the first interactive garden in Changi, an experience that 'magically' comes to life with sight and sound. When the kids and I walked around it, motion sensors triggered different sounds of nature, blooming flowers and sparkling lights! Very cool! It felt a bit like we were in the middle of the movie "Avatar"! Pretty!

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