Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Singapore break

Our October break was not only brought forward this year due to the ASEAN summit; it was also prolonged to two full weeks as all schools got ordered to close some extra days, over the summit itself. So with a full two-week holiday, I knew I wanted to go somewhere, as Brunei "staycations" aren't terribly exciting for that long...
Nathan had a few consecutive off days as well, so the choice of destination was easy - Singapore.

The kids hadn't been over since last December, and since Misuzu went back to Japan to have Ashley and was away for quite a few months in total, we hadn't seen them either since then. So good to be reunited again. 

Even though I brought the big camera this time, I haven't taken many photos. We've been really busy!
In two days, we've already done IKEA for lunch, Småland and shopping, swimming at their condo, Parkway Parade shopping, Orchard Road shopping, lunch at Le Marché, more Orchard Road shopping, Clark Quay for Mojitos and the Night Safari!

Today we are chilling by the pool again, before some more shopping (birthdays and Christmas preparations!) and Tony Romas for dinner tonight, as requested by Lucas. 
Love Singapore. 

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