Monday, 21 October 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Linnea!

I was woken up last night just after midnight, at 1.15am, at 2am, at 3.30am and finally about 4.15am with a tap on my forehead and the same question over and over again - "Mummy... how many more hours until my birthday??".

Turning 8 is way too exciting to sleep apparently, bless her! (And lucky me that one of the gifts was a clock radio, so that she now will be able to tell the time in her room and not have to come and wake me for it..!)

Finally at 5.45 this morning, it was time to wake her up (although I suspect she was already awake just waiting for us!) with singing, and her birthday presents in bed, as per usual!
So many lovely gifts!

She had wished for Monster High, Lego Friends and Smiggle stuff - which she got lots of. She also got a few pairs of lovely earrings, some girly Nerf stuff, a clock radio, crafty things, Schleich animals, a Swedish book and hair accessories. Lucky girl!

Breakfast was eaten by the birthday candle, under the balloons and Happy Birthday banner, of course!

 This is how a newly 8-year old looks, with her new Scottish hairband and new birthstone earrings:

She was very excited going to school this morning, she said it felt nearly like the first day of school again! She was so chuffed getting to celebrate her birthday at school for the first time! It normally always falls during the October holiday, but since that was brought forward this year, she was lucky to get to bring birthday cupcakes to school today. Two big boxes full, from 'Greets and Treats' of course, enough cupcakes for everyone in her class. Yum!

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