Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ryvita & IKEA, our year as JMs

My year as a JM at the H3 Hash has come to an end.
One of the happenings at the yearly Founders Day, is that the H3 Committee gets changed, and Anna and I have now "passed on the torch" to two new JMs. We've really had so much fun doing the job, we could've continued - but the Hash really benefits from a bit of a fresh look at things, so it's all good! I'm sure Hash Hound and Wonder Woman will do a wonderful job and I'm looking forward to being able to take a bit more of a relaxed approach to the on-ons again from now on! :)

Let's take a look at our year as JMs - here's the best of Ryvita and IKEA!
It's all started at last years Founders Day, with a fairytale theme, we were mermaids:

 The start of every on-on, the IKEA wolf whistle!

With the ever so important JM book, that contains all our information!

 In this years hare t-shirts, which we designed:

With Mrs Pingu, our backup, our rock, our GM:

We've been very busy welcoming close to 30 (!) new members to the Hash, here's two of them receiving their gift and the Hash Rule Book:

We've also said goodbye to a few hashers, and equally some very good friends, who have left the country this year. Here's Cheeky Czeck and Mother Nurture, on their last hash:

And Mighty Maple, on her last run, which was also the Canada Day run:

We've celebrated Chinese New Year, always one of my favourite runs of the year:

We've celebrated Australia Day:

We celebrated the Mid-Year Hash with new t-shirts, tons of glow sticks, and some hash christenings:

 We did a pink run in October, for Breast Cancer Awareness:

 We celebrated the 50 years of hashing in Brunei in February, with a funky run:

But also at the BH3, Men's Hash, with a big weekend happening at the Yacht Club:

 A rare photo of us during the run, here are the JMs on top of Serasa Hill, lovely views:

We've also been a bit serious. Here I am at the Roadrunner Memorial Run in April, trying to read out the poem I used in the Words three years ago when we lost her:

Of course we celebrated the Swedish National Day in June, with a Swedish run, at my house.

We celebrated a BRIT run in September:

And just recently, we celebrated Halloween:

And finally, as a bit of a teaser - a photo of us at last night's Founders Day party, under the big top!

What a great year! Here's to many more fun Tuesday night hashes!

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