Monday, 4 November 2013

The 787 Dreamliner

I've said it before, traveling from Brunei to Singapore is such an easy trip to make. I went over again this weekend, and this time I was lucky enough to get to fly on RBA's new Boeing 787 - the Dreamliner for the first time. It was launched here in Brunei on the 12th of October, and only did it's inaugural flight on the 18th.

We were spoiled with lots of space on Friday morning, there was only 6 of us up the front. I took the opportunity to take some photos. Nice and roomy:

My seat for the morning, by the window:

The windows are bigger, and they don't have blinds. Instead you push that little button under it, and you can gradually control the tint of the window from transparent to dark:


Unfortunately there was another couple sitting just across the aisle from me, so I felt a bit silly (especially on such a short flight) starting to play too much with all the buttons! I would've wanted to check how the seat reclined, and how flat the bed went etc. Instead I just put my feet up and enjoyed a movie.

Ha ha, not sure I can send the kids to the toilet by themselves anymore though, they'll take forever having far too much fun with all the buttons in there..! :D

It was nice that when you opened the door to go into the toilet, the light was blue, until you locked the door from the inside. Makes for less disruption for the passengers sitting right outside the toilet I guess, they don't have to get the bright light in their eyes.

It really was a nice flight. I'm looking forward to getting on the Dreamliner again when it's time for another Europe trip.

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