Tuesday, 19 November 2013

You know it'll be a good week

It must be a good week, when it starts with a smashing Monday night at the Yacht Club - with good food, great friends and dancing the night away to the U.S 7th Fleet Band, the Orient Express!

We've seen these guys before, when we went to the impressive Brunei Tattoo a couple of years back, and they were great then so I knew I wanted to go and see them last night. They've apparently been coming to Brunei ever since the 1980s.
The U.S. 7th Fleet Band was created in 1943 with the establishment of the United States 7th Fleet. Comprised of professional Navy Musicians, 7th Fleet Band is forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan, and embarked on board the United States 7th Fleet flagship, USS Blue Ridge.
You can see some more photos from this Brunei visit, on their Facebook page, here.

The ensemble that performed for us this time (they had also been giving a lunchtime concert at school earlier yesterday, which the kids had enjoyed!) was a six-piece group that played very funky music that made us all dance all night!
In the middle of it all it hit me how lucky we are - get to dance to a live band, enjoy yummy food, in a club next to the beach and the sea in a tropical country, on a Monday, in November! People pay big money to travel far away to enjoy just this, and it's our life!

Now recharge for the next big celebration this week - tonight's Founders Day!

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