Thursday, 21 November 2013

Planning for Founders Day

Another epic hash year came to an end on Tuesday night, and with that - our yearly Founders Day celebration. Our theme for this years party was "At the Circus"!

(Our "logo" was created by Serene, the daughter of one of our hashers. 
Super clever! Can you see it looks like a circus tent..?)

The planning for this has been going on since long before the summer holidays. Every year the hashers get gifts, and they had to be decided on, ordered in, and prepared all for this evening. Location had to be decided upon, catering, entertainment, decoration and everything else - it's actually quite a big undertaking this party, especially when you are trying to make over 75 different people happy..!

The Committee decided together on most things, and everybody have had certain duties to perform before this night, to make sure it was going to be a great party. We also discussed and decided together some of the gifts: the t-shirt, the E-book and the socks. But Anna and I decided ourselves on one secret gifts as well, and on the fact that we were labeling everything with their Hash Handles! Our special secret gift was this very cool cool bag-chair, with their name on it.

It sure looked like one big assembly line in my house these past few days, while we were packing up the bags and filling them with the correctly labeled t-shirts and socks...

It is also the JMs jobs to hand out special awards, to hens that have done something exceptional during the year. There are a few classic awards, such as 'Most times Front Horn', 'Most times Back Horn', 'Most times hashit' and 'Most hashes laid' f.e. Anna and I also honoured a few other hashers - such as the two that did the only live run we've had in years, they got the 'Fastest feet' award. We also had a special award for a one of the hashers that is always doing more than she needs to for the hash - the 'Most dedicated hasher' award.

We had bought these cool photo frames at IKEA (where else?), and each award winner got a frame with their photo in it, an artificial flower also from IKEA, and an IKEA chocolate bar! :)

Our location this year was at one of the hashers house. We set it all up outside, under two big tents. They got decorated with garlands, buntings and other circus themed items. We had catering from the Radisson who also brought us all the tables and chairs, which looked really, really good and pulled together. My Dad had sent over some authentic old circus posters that we mounted around the site, that really gave that little extra oumph to the whole circus atmosphere.

We had different stations in the garden, where people could practice their circus skills, while they waited for everybody to get changed into their outfits. It was really fun!

And obviously, picking an outfit was easy for Anna and I - we were the Ringmistresses!
We had these fab outfits made which really turned out pretty cute, with nice red jackets with gold details and shoulder bling and a big, pouffy, glittery tutu! The final touch to the outfit were these cute little hats I found us, the same day as the party!

There will be more photos to follow of the party itself in a later post.

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