Monday, 4 November 2013

B & B in Singapore

Even though it was a rather late night for us on Friday, we were up early Saturday and straight after breakfast, off we went - not a minute to loose when it comes to shopping!
We were going to meet up with Misuzu at IKEA. Beenal and Misuzu hadn't seen each other for nearly two years, so it was about time.

Misuzu had brought Oliver too, but he spent the first hour in 'Småland', the playland, so we could browse and shop in peace. They had brought out all the Christmas stuff early, so there was a lot to look at! Lucky us!
I wish I would've taken a photo of us when we tried to pay... there was just so much stuff... and a lot of it times three, as we all bought some of the same things!
We had to bribe Oliver with a $1 soft ice, because it sure took a while to get all our purchases through the check-out...

Taxi photo, on the way from somewhere to somewhere. We took a lot of taxis this weekend!

It was a bit of a shame we didn't have the time to spend in our suite really. The hotel was actually really nice. Really nice..!

Our suite even came with it's own Nespresso machine!

No, we had no time for dawdling around! After having dropped all our IKEA purchases off with the bell boy at the hotel, we jumped back in a cab and attacked Orchard Road. We were on a mission! We had Christmas presents to look for and clothes to try on... We covered it all, and even had time for a Pumpkin Latte break, mmmmm! Very Christmassy!

We actually managed to shop 10am-10pm! Not bad huh!
All of Orchard Road, mostly in ION, then we did Vivo City, and last but not least, a last-minute look in Robinsons at Raffles City, until closing time and we were ushered out of there...

Once we finally got back to the hotel with the last bags, we were really hungry. Turned out it was actually a bit of a mission to find somewhere where the kitchen was open after 10pm! After wandering around the block, starving, we finally found a German Beer Bar that was still open.
We ordered up some pork schnitzel and 'Tropical Toms' (some kind of "beertail", rhum, juices and beer) - and enjoyed some live music. Not bad at all!

We decided to pack that evening, since we had quite a lot of things and suspected it would take us a while. We were right, the wrapping paper didn't fit at all for one... and I must say it was really a bit of a challenge this time! I should actually always travel with two suitcases, no matter how short the trip!

Last breakfast, with a view. The Conrad Centennial, which we stayed in, really was in the perfect location for us. Right by Suntec City, and close to everything.

I even managed to squeeze it all in! Well, nearly anyway. I still carried an IKEA bag as hand luggage as I had bought a few glass things, that I didn't want to break on the way.

A truly successful shopping weekend - filled with lots and lots of laughs! Thank you Beenal, I had a super duper time!

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