Sunday, 3 November 2013

Spooky Hash

Last Tuesday we celebrated Halloween at the Hash. It's definitely not just for kids, us adults enjoy dressing up too! :)
The hares had done a fantastic job setting up, the tent looked super spooky and we all got in the mood already arriving on site.

The food was on display, and of course it was all Halloween themed. They had really gone through a massive effort to make this Halloween Hash very special!

Just like last year, hens got sent in two by two with a couple of minutes in between. The trail was very short, but there was a lot of spooky, scary stuff going on along the way... Everybody came out well scared! :) The end was laid with glow sticks in stead of paper, pretty cool.

There was a lot happening during the shout-up this week. There was prizes for those who had found little ghoulies in the jungle, there was prizes for the best dressed of the night; and we also had a pumpkin competition for the best carved pumpkin - here's the winner, Readymix, and her pumpkin:

We also gave Anna a special mention after a very special achievement of hers last weekend.
She took part in a one-off extra long hash (28km!) called the "Ballbreaker", organized by one of the other hash chapters here in Brunei. 150 hashers started at 9am in the morning, and only 26 finished the whole 28km. Out of those, only two were women! Anna being one of those two, did it in 9 hours 8 minutes - so impressive!!!

It was such a great night. Another hash success!

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