Thursday, 14 November 2013

International Day 2013

Yesterday was International Day at school, and I came along in the morning to grab a few quick shots of the kids and their friends.
Not much effort went into the costumes this year. It seems like as they get older, they are not too keen on the more elaborate outfits anymore. They actually both wanted to be Kiwis this year, which is easy - Lucas grabbed his All Blacks shirt (again) but Linnea didn't fit hers, so she had to wear Lucas' Crusaders jersey.
It was all good, as long as they got to bring their Swedish 'Kladdkaka' and 'Chokladbollar'..! :)

 Linnea and Hannah (also a Kiwi), and a few more of their friends:

Lucas and two of his best friends; and yes he is tall, they are all in the same year group!

 Another of our friends, Lucia - who came as an Aussie this year, last year she was Spanish! :)

One of my favourites, little Eliza as the very British "Strawberries and cream"! Such a cutie!

Unfortunately, I had to miss the parade for the very first time. (I couldn't get anyone to cover my Zumba slot...). I think I was more gutted than the kids. They are old enough to understand why I couldn't make it, and were actually not too bothered - whereas I was so disappointed, I love the International Day parade! But what to do lah...