Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Two hundred

Well, let the "lasts" begin... :(

Today was my 200th (!) run at the Hash, and to celebrate, Anna and I had decided to lay it. I reckon this was probably the last hash I will have laid actually. I've always known I want to run the very last hash I do before I leave Brunei, so this was a good opportunity to get to lay one last one too for sure, before the hare line would fill up too much closer to March.

We picked Jln Pimping, an area we are very familiar with, and laid a short and fairly easy run. Only needed to rekkie once last week, which was perfect.

Even though it was weird not having to run around after, and not really having anything to "do" - it was nice to be back to being able to sit down and actually talk to people, and being able to relax and just enjoy the on-on.

It was a busy on-on for me, not only did we get down-downs for being hares, and of course I got one for my 200th run; we also got thanked for our year as JMs with some big bouquets of pretty flowers! A really nice gesture, thank you girls!
Handing them over were Duchess and Glamour, our two most experienced hashers with well over 1000 (yes, a THOUSAND!) hashes each!

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