Monday, 4 November 2013


On Friday I got to spend time with Misuzu. Picked her and Ashley up at their condo, and out we went for lunch. I wanted to try this Swedish bistro 'Fika', so we headed down close to Little India.

The place was really busy, and they had a quite a large menu for a small café. It was hard to choose for me, I wanted to order it all!

In the end I settled for a shrimp and egg open faced sandwich, with some Kopparberg Cider; and Misuzu had 'pyttipanna' (diced potatoes, onions and beef with sliced beetroot), one of my absolute favourite dishes. 

The portions were really big, so when it came to dessert we decided to share, which was a good decision. We got a huge piece of 'kladdkaka' (a bit like a brownie) with strawberries and ice cream.

It's a shame the location was a bit off our normal trail. I'll try to come back again, if we are down that part of town some other time. It was really nice!

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eastcoastmom said...

Du valde det jag skulle valt, räksmörgås! Gudars skymning vad gptt! Grymt avis.
Hälsningar från Madrid