Thursday, 14 November 2013

One of our neighbours

When people first move here, they get horrified by the thought that they might find a something scary or dangerous in their garden some day. Well it is easy to forget, that we actually live in the middle of the jungle, on Borneo!
Having funny looking insects and huge spiders around, monkeys swinging in the trees outside our windows and occasionally yes, big snakes in our garden, is really quite a normal thing.
Yesterday, another one of our "neighbours" came to say hello.

A monitor lizard. Not as big as some of the others we have had around, but the dogs still weren't too impressed. They were barking and barking and just couldn't understand why it didn't run away. It did eventually, in it's own time, but I still had time to take all these photos, it wasn't faced by the dogs at all.
Good guard dogs!

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