Thursday, 21 November 2013

Founders Day at the Circus

Ok, prepare for a photo bomb as there are just so many good photos to show off from the Hash Circus party! I have to credit our Hash Flash, Yvette, for most of them. Fab job Yvette, not just this Tuesday, but every Tuesday this year! Thank you!
(You can click on each photo to see it bigger if you wish.)
When people arrived back from the run, they got greeted by some welcome drinks, snack ladies and some fortune tellers - who predicted a very good night..! :)

Everybody had done such a good job on their outfits, as per usual. We had set up a photo booth where people had lots of fun:

The first entertainment of the evening were some fire jugglers. They were absolutely amazing! They started out with some glow stick juggling, and then they brought out the live fire:

Check this out! I just had to post this photo extra big here... oaaahhhh...

Thanks to the covered chairs and all the decorations in and around the tents and on the tables, the whole setting looked really nice and festive. I think one of the best comments of the night was:
- "This doesn't feel like a normal hash at all!" No - it's a part-ay!


 Anna and I gave out this years awards:

And then we kept taking more photos..:

"Head Tiger keeper" - ha ha!

The second entertainment for the night, was a magician we had hired - 'The Chupster'. Bless him, it was a tough crowd to try and entertain at this stage, but he did his very best and had many helpful and very willing assistants:

 It looked amazing inside too, where all the food was presented:

Anna and I said goodbye with "Helan går" (a Swedish drinking song..!):

The new Committee for next year - good luck everybody!

One of the many group photos that were taken, unfortunately not with everybody:

It was nice when it was all over and we could finally relax, aaahhh... In the end Anna and I were very happy with the way this evening turned out! It was a lot of fun and it seemed like everyone really enjoyed themselves. Now we're looking forward to another great hashing year! On on!

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MrsC said...

Oh WOW sier jeg bare! For en fantastisk ide - og saa fine dere er!!! Love the outfits dere har pa dere!