Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Groovy baby!!

2013 marks 50 years since the start of hashing in Brunei. The Men's Hash is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this week, and even though we are not far behind (the Ladies' Hash started in 1966) with our own golden jubilee, we thought it was definitely something worth celebrating even on our Hash.

Anna and I laid the run, and the theme had been decided to be "50 years ago". The tent was decorated accordingly and everyone was urged to dress as they would've back then - maybe groovy, maybe a bit psychedelic or maybe a bit flower-power. Many possibilities!

The hens were told to look for flowers in the jungle, to win a prize!

Anna and I had tried to find our inner flower child, but somehow neither one of us thought we succeeded very well... Ha ha, when I picked Anna up to go, she said she felt like Steven Tyler - and me, I felt a bit like Björn Borg, so there you go! :)

Everybody had made a great effort, there was peace and love all over!

We had a bit of a 60s music quiz going on...

... "Curry-Dave" had cooked some of his famous curries for us - and we had chocolate cake!

Us hares getting our down-down:

Clare told us some elephant jokes that apparently were popular in the 1960s! :D

It was a very good night, good food, good music, good company! What would I do without my Tuesday evenings in the jungle..!

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