Saturday, 9 February 2013

Athletics Day 2013

Friday it was time for another Junior School Athletics Day. Man, it feels like they come around faster and faster each year! Didn't we just have one?!

Anyway, the bigger kids (Y3-5) were out on the main sports field participating in different competitive sports. I didn't make it there until after my Zumba class, but I did see Lucas do t-ball throw, long-jump and basketball throw.

No medals this year either, but to be honest Lucas doesn't really apply himself. He seems to be enjoying more the hanging about with his mates playing silly buggers in between the heats..!

For the younger kids (Kindy-Y2), Athletics Day had really been revamped this year, for the better! They were all out on the new sports field, one year group at a time, doing non-competitive sports. Sure, it was nice to be in the air-conditioned gym, but the kids all seemed to have so much fun out there! The music was pumping and they all got into their play with full energy. Definitely an improvement!
They did lots of different things, climbing...

... carrying water through a tunnel...

... shooting down a wall to save a princess...

... running laps...

... and jumping sacks!

In the end they showcased their dance they have been working on for the last couple of weeks, 'Dynamite':

They both had a great Sports Day and came home knackered, which is always good! :)

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