Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Best Words ever!

Every week at the Hash a "newsletter" gets sent out to all members, called the 'Hash Words'. It contains the normal info about the run of the week, which is site and length etc, but also additional info if needed - f.e about tonight, that we need to wear red for the on-on, since it's the yearly Chinese New Year run.
This newsletter also contains other information related to the Hash, and some not Hash related, like nice recipes, jokes and other bits and pieces.

One of the duties of the hares is to do a write up about the previous run, for those hens who weren't there, and for the Hash records. Usually it's exactly that, a write up. Sometimes it can be quite funny or with a twist, but so far I've never seen it as good as this week's:

Well done on an amazing illustration! On on!

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