Monday, 18 February 2013

On on - and on on..!

The 50 years of Hashing celebrations continued on Sunday afternoon, with a run especially organized by the BH3 Men's Hash, for the whole family. They had over 150 kids signed up for this one!

I promoted the Ladies Hash with a little flyer I had made - "Make Tuesday night YOUR night!" :)

After the briefing, off we went. There was three different runs - Lucas and Nathan went up the big hill to go on the long one, Linnea and I followed the blue paper to do the medium one.
The horn from the BH3 Men's Hash was present here too. I like this horn, it's so cool, like a military reveille or bugle call - made us feel like we were going into battle!

At one stage our medium run on the blue paper joined up with the long run, on white paper:

So Lucas and Nathan caught up with us!

So did the horn! He kept blowing it all through the jungle!

It was a really nice run. As usual on the Kids Hash, the tempo isn't that fast so you actually have time to enjoy the walk, look around you and discover the beauty of the jungle. Normally when we run on our Hash, you have to pay attention to where to put your feet!
We had to cross some water and mud:

When we came out, the kids received new green t-shirts and also some celebratory 50 years of Hashing cookies! Yum yum!

As we figured we would be at the shout-up a little bit longer this time, we had our dinner there (instead of the traditional Sunday pizza order), kids had fish and chips and Nathan and I some shawarma, mmm!

Then they started the shout-up. Slightly more subdued this afternoon than it was the day before... :)

Usual proceedings though. The hares were called up and got their down-down, so did the JM of the Kids Hash, Amanda - just like us other JMs had been the day before:

Jokes were told, again, a bit more family friendly; a birthday song was sung and the Hashit was dished out, BH3 style...

Another great Hash event! We are really lucky to be here in Brunei to experience this big occasion.
Happy Hashiversary BH3!

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