Sunday, 24 February 2013


'The Borneo Insider's Guide', or as it's commonly referred to - 'The biG magazine' is a great quarterly magazine we have here in Brunei. It aims to share with it's readers the best there is to offer on lifestyle and travel in Borneo and beyond. I always try to get hold of the latest issue, because it truly is a great source of information, even for residents. Lots of interesting articles and tips on where to go and eat etc.
And, the best things is - it's distributed free all over the country!

In the latest January-March 2013 issue, they have an article about the fitness bug that is spreading in the country and in the article they are interviewing four big fitness personalities in town.
Recognize anybody?

Yes, it's "my" Susan, talking about Zumba - AND on the same page our CrossFit coach Mike, pictured at the Box. Great interviews of both of them, and fab pics too!

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