Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lush lunch

My friend Isabel invited me out for lunch today. Her and her husband didn't make it to my birthday party so she wanted to make it up to me and celebrate a little bit together. It was a very posh Tuesday lunch, really out of the ordinary - oysters, prepared in six ways! Mmm...
So, so, so lush!

I rarely do order oysters on their own, but I love to eat them when they're included in seafood platters, buffets etc. This was just so good - all oysters, mmm! We had the "six way oysters" and also some natural ones. Gorgeous!

Isabel had even organized a birthday cake for me! With a candle - and she sang! I just love it when your birthday celebrations stretch out and keep surprising you for weeks and weeks! :)

Thank you Isabel, it was a gorgeous lunch!

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