Monday, 18 February 2013

Special wash

Finally I managed to get Linnea to the hairdresser today for a trim. Her hair was in deep need of a bit of a tidy up, I can't even remember when we last took her...
Anyway, since we came straight from school and she had been running around getting sweaty all day, I asked if they could just quickly wash her hair before cutting.

I never stop to amaze at the way they do it here - IN the chair! Which Linnea obviously thought was hilarious, since it was the first time she had it done at a salon.

Another picture of the same thing, here's Beenal the other day. Our kids had a birthday party at one of the indoor play parks in the Mall; so we took the opportunity to have our hair done at the same time! Life of leisure I tell you!

But now I'm seriously curious, is this common practice anywhere else..? Washing your hair sitting up in the chair? And with all that foamy stuff? Maybe I just haven't traveled enough, because I have never had this done neither in Europe or Australia/NZ.
It's not at all that I prefer one or the other, either way is fine with me. I'm just curious as to why they do it this way here? Please enlighten me!


Jonathan Collier said...

How on earth do they wash it off? That is really funny!!

MrsW said...

Jonathan -
Well, by then they move you to the basin to rinse it off. Maybe the do it in the chair because they find it uncomfortable laying down the whole time?

Jonathan Collier said...

That's the most relaxing bit - when you lie down! At least they move over to the sink to wash it off! ;-)