Sunday, 17 February 2013

A morning with the CrossFit family

This morning Reebok CrossFit 673 (where I work out) did a special demo workout for the public in Bandar, down at the waterfront. Us members had been asked if we wanted to come along and help out, and afterward do a bit of a demo WOD - and of course we did!

It was a super fun morning together with the crew from the Box, and most of the regulars. We helped setting up the nine different stations, for the workout for the public. We all got assigned a role either at a station or as a team leader taking the different groups through the workout.
Me? Well, I was the photographer..! :)

Quite a big group of locals had turned up, and believe it or not, even though it was only 7.30 am on a Sunday morning, they were all eager to go and full of smiles!
They got started off with a quick warm-up, after that they walked around and got all the stations demoed, and then their workout started. One minute at each station; and one minute in between to rotate and regroup.
They all did really well, and most importantly, they seemed to have lots of fun!

When they were finished it was our turn to take on a quick demo WOD. I so enjoyed when Mike grabbed the microphone to call us up and said: -"Now it's the CrossFitters' turn, come on athletes!" Yeah! A-t-h-l-e-t-e-s! Ha ha!

We did a quick WOD made up of a 400m run, 3 rounds of 15 thrusters @ 35lbs (for the girls, 65lbs for the guys), 15 kettlebell swings at chosen weights (I did 12kg), 30 ledge jumps/step-ups and another 400m run.
Man, it was HOT!

After the WOD we got a bit of an extra workout helping out packing it all up again and carrying it out to the car.
I had so much fun, and what a fantastic backdrop we had with the Water Village and the Istana Nurul Iman! It was great spending a couple of fun hours with the CrossFit family!

As I took so many photos, I had to put them all together in a slide show.

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