Friday, 15 February 2013

Our Valentines Day

Love love love... - of course you should love and celebrate love every day, but as I enjoy marking special days, I had looked forward to Valentines Day. This year I wanted to make a special effort!

I was dressed in red, of course!

While the kids were at school and Nathan at work, I had decorated our dinner table - with red streamers, hearts, balloons, confetti..! It looked really nice!

Lucas and Linnea got their own Valentines Day cards, with Moshi Monster collector cards in them.

We had our absolute favourite for dinner, sushi. Enjoyed by all!
We also had gorgeous cakes from Bakerlyn from dessert, but I totally forgot taking photos of them, I was too busy scoffing them down! :)

Mmm, Happy Valentines Day!

Even Mr Watson had made a special effort, look - a Pandora parcel for me!
Well done Sweetie, thank you!

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