Sunday, 24 February 2013

Exam time!

Linnea has been really busy lately (and me too, driving her back and forth), since there is another very important dance exam coming up. Or rather - three of them!
It's all happening next weekend, with an official examiner flying in from overseas. Unfortunately the little dancing girls haven't really been able to fit in all the dance practice they need, due to public holidays and other things. So lately quite a few extra practice hours have been penciled in.

This morning (yes, Sunday morning at 8.30am!) we had to meet at the Dance Studio in full exam wear, for a mock exam practice, just like last time. Here's Linnea and Jamie, more full of beans than graceful dancers! :)

Also we've all received the DVDs of the exam dances, so that the girls can practice at home. It's serious business this dancing you see!

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