Saturday, 2 February 2013

My daughter, the psychic

Back in October, on her birthday, Linnea got a pottery set from one of her little friends. She made this wonderful candle light holder out of the clay, and painted it all by herself. As you can see, it has a very intricate and detailed decor. She explained to me that she had painted Daddy, Lucas, me, her, Matt, Oliver, Luca, Jay and Mocha (our dogs) and Misuzu - with a baby in her tummy!

So, jokingly I sent off this photo to Misuzu, asking her if she had something to tell us?

Well, she didn't yet, but back in December she did!!! She had got totally spooked when she got the photo of Linnea's premonition, because they had only found out themselves the day before!
She shared their happy news with me when the kids and I were in Singapore before Christmas, and then they made it official with this snapshot on their Christmas card:

Yay, another little Rose-bud is on it's way! Congrats guys, can't wait to meet HER!

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