Sunday, 17 February 2013

50 years of hashing in Brunei

This week has really been one of the biggest hash weeks Brunei has seen!
The BH3 Men's Hash is celebrating their 50th Anniversary, hence also 50 years since hashing began in Brunei. The Ladies Hash acknowledged this big anniversary at our run on Tuesday, and of course there was a big celebration on the normal BH3 Wednesday run as well.

The BH3 is the third oldest Hash in the world after Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Today there are around 15 Hash chapters in Brunei itself, and more than 500 Hash chapters throughout the world.

Yesterday, there was a special run put on for ALL hashers, followed by a big party at the Yacht Club, and we attended of course!
Unfortunately neither Anna nor myself could do the run, but we came for the shout-up afterward. We got some celebration t-shirts, and these cool armbands:

The three JMs of BH3, and the hares of the day getting their down-downs:

Quite a big crowd, hashers had come from near and far - from Tutong, Kuala Belait, Kota Kinabalu and even all the way from Philippines.

Here's the BH3 horn blower, quite a cool dude. Whereas we have bicycle horns on our hash, they actually have a proper horn on theirs! Sounds like a hunt is about to set off in the jungle!

All JMs from other hashes were invited up for a down-down as well. Anna and I were matching in this years hare t-shirts:

We all got to introduce ourselves:

I'm not sure why we always do these strange faces when we are getting down-downs?! We really must work on being a bit more photogenic the two of us! :)

The proceedings continued with the hashit. Not sure really why this guy got it, there was a lot of heckling and bantering going on so it was a bit hard to hear - but he sure took it like a champ!

At the end of the on-on, hashit came out again!! This time I think it was for a very bad taste joke...

After the on-on, the party continued at the Yacht Club. Nearly 200 hashers from a lot of different hash chapters had gathered for this memorable occasion.

The decorations were of a bunch of old hash t-shirts, suspended all around the Yacht Club. Very cool! The playlist while we were mingling about consisted of all the Nr 1 hits, all the way from February 1963 until today.

The evening started with the saying of the 'Hash Prayer', continued with some light entertainment and greetings from previous hash members (=Hashbeens) that couldn't make it. We had buffet dinner, a live band and even some fireworks! Nathan and I left after that, while the rest continued to party into the night...
A great Hash night!

Today the celebrations continue with a special Family Run this afternoon. We are all geared up and ready to go, but first we have a Chinese New Year Open House to attend! Busy weekend!


Former BH3 said...

As a former members of the Brunei H3, 1982-85 I was pleased to read this article. I ran on the 1000 Hash and well remember the many larger than life characters of the day, Big Bill Luekenhausen, Porky Gates, Rubber Legs Murdoch, Ron McHool, Jim Lay, Joseph Chin and many more. Happy Days indeed. Are you still running? I cannot find anything after 2013 on the Net.

Former BH3 said...

As a former member of the BH3, 1982-85 I was very happy to read this article. I well remember the 1000th Run! Characters like Big Bill Luekenhausen, Jim Lay, Porky Gates, Frank Damen, Rubber Legs Murdoch, Taff Thomas, Ron McHool, Joseph Chin and many others. Are you still running, I cannot find anything after 2013 on the Net.