Sunday, 3 February 2013

CNY Kids Hash

It's been a busy weekend, for some of us - Nathan has been in Bangkok, again.
The rest of us have had time for pizza night, dance practice, sushi lunch, jungle gym, birthday party, facial, book club, play date, homework (yes), Kids Hash and roti dinner. Phew...
In between I also have made time to clear out and tidy up the storage room, the laundry, the bedroom, the play room and the bike room! Yay me! A very productive weekend finally, it feels really good.

Picture below (thank you Kim) was taken at today's Kids Hash which celebrated the upcoming Chinese New Year. Always a good one. Even this year, although we didn't get treated to any Lion Dancing unfortunately. They weren't allowed to have it this year due to changed labour laws (?).
But the kids did score Ang Paos, t-shirts and oranges and had a ball, both at the run and after, as usual. There was so many people today, it's so great that see the Kids Hash growing!
I took the Turner kids along as well and we all did the long run together today. Fortyfive minutes of nice jungly trails and - lots and lots of mud..! I had to hose them down afterward to be able to bring them back in the car!
It was Linnea's 36th run today, so next time she'll be receiving another cup!

Linnea (in pink), Hannah (in a hat) and Ben to the left in the photo, and Lucas (in yellow) in the middle:

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