Saturday, 16 October 2010

Party Central

Today it's finally time for Linnea's 5th birthday party! Yay!

To host a birthday party here in Brunei takes quite some preparation. I've mentioned several times before that there's no one-stop-shop here (the style of British Asda, Danish Bilka or Swedish Coop Forum), where you could go to get everything you need from lawn-movers to sports equipment to chicken breast. Here you have to drive around a lot, especially if you are after specific things.

This year we've opted to host Linnea's birthday party at the Yacht Club (just like when she turned 2, just slightly bigger...) so there's no thinking about food or entertainment really, it's all taken care of. Easy peasy.

Still, I've had to organize a (big enough) cake, and made sure it has the right decoration on it as requested by the Birthday Girl. I've also been busy most of the week trying to figure out what to put in the party bags. Past parties I've put DVDs which have proven a hit, with the parents above all - something to do when they get home after the party and might need some quiet time..!

I had an idea this year (that I won't reveal, might save it for Lucas' party in January!), but I couldn't find everything I needed in the right amounts unfortunately. This year, 24 little friends have RSVP their attendance, and add to that the odd sibling here and there... It'll be crowded!

I'm very pleased with what I got though. All the invited friends will get a book each, I got a huge variety so they all get different ones; plus sweets of course. I've also catered with small bags of sweets for any siblings that come along so they feel a bit included too.

I hope it'll be well received! The goodie bag is nearly the most important part of the party for these 5-year olds, and Linnea has made sure she gets one too, of course!

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