Thursday, 21 October 2010

Good morning Birthday Girl!

We had set the alarm to 06.15 this morning, to try and actually wake Linnea with her gifts - but 06.05 I had a little face in mine... asking if it was her birthday now and if we were going to come sing soon...

So back to bed she went and fell "asleep" again - and we "woke" her with singing and all her gifts - happy girl!

She got many lovely presents both from Scotland (her cousins), NZ (Grandma & Granddad) and Sweden (Mormor & Morfar) - and from us of course.
A very spoiled and very lucky 5-year old!

We then went downstairs and had breakfast together at a beautifully decorated birthday table, a great start to her birthday!

Now we're off for lunch, Linnea's choice: sushi! Later to a café for cake and this afternoon we'll go to Jerudong Park for some more fun! What a day!

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