Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A first, a last and a casualty

Last night was hash night, as usual on a Tuesday, but it wasn't just any old hash, it was the spooky Halloween Run. That means that we started an hour later and did the whole hash in the dark!
It's always a bit creepy in the dark, even though everybody has flashlights, because it's totally pitch black in the jungle and it's hard to see where you put your feet.

It was a special run also for another reason - I finally managed to convince my Danish friend Anne to come along and try it out. It's taken me a couple of years and it was really the last chance, since she's leaving for good in three weeks. So this was her first and last hash all at once.
Good on her for braving it finally, and in the dark!

Here she is, just coming out (photos are not excellent, I forgot the snapshot camera so had to use my iPhone):

The after-the-run down-down for the first time guests:

Happy we made it!

I've been a bit unlucky at the hash these past few weeks. Last week a big tree branch fell right on my head, completely knocked me over and gave me a big bump on the head. Last night I managed to crash land in a drain, before the run; and I scraped my leg and hurt my hand pretty badly. (I still completed the run though, a hasher through and through!)
Luckily we have a few nurses on the hash and a big first aid kit, so I got taken care of properly afterward - here's my injury:

And my bandage!

Let's hope it's not 'all things come in three'... I better be careful on next weeks run!

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Anne C. Dehli said...

Ja så fik du mig til sidst! Sjovt at prøve. Nu ved jeg hvordan junglen ser ud i mørke....