Thursday, 14 October 2010

First finished project!

Ta-daaa, here's my first finished mosaics creation!

I'm pretty pleased with these coasters, they came out great and I love the colours. You can see my coasters featured together with some of the other ladies' work on our teachers blog here, and here.

Since Paula, our teacher, is having a big exam coming up she has taken this week off from hosting classes. All of us ladies are having withdrawal symptoms so we've all picked up our current projects to work a bit on them at home.
I took my "gecko-bowl" outside for a bit yesterday to continue the cleaning process, and our amah came out and said surprised:
-"Oh, I though Linnea had made that at school!"

Thank... You... Very... Much..! I admit, it's a bit messy and not at all as pretty as some of the others (like Jo's bowl, which is absolutely gorgeous!) - but come on!!! Made by a 5-year old!?!
And no, I wont show it to you now anymore until it's completely finished...

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