Thursday, 7 October 2010

The neverending story

I'm in the middle of (yet another) huge tidy-up around the house. Mostly upstairs and to be more specific, mainly in the play area and in the kids' rooms.
It's amazing, but they have so much stuff they don't even play with 10% of it, because they forget it's even there! We also drown in all the pictures they paint and all the random toys they make (out of God knows what), it's just crazy. Toys, toys, toys. Everywhere. Toys.

With Linnea's birthday coming up, and just out of a general need, I've started a huge clear-out and tidy-up. I'm really, really doing all I can to facilitate the process of keeping their toys tidy; I've bought tons of storage boxes and I've labeled everything so that all their things and toys have their own "home".

We still have a long way to go though. The "tidy-up time" in the evening is not very popular and it's quite a struggle, but we are getting there. Sometimes they remember to clean their things up before they start another game, mostly not... But we are getting there, slowly.