Thursday, 7 October 2010

Think pink - Did you know?

Do you know about Bisphenol A (BPA)?
It's a chemical that is really bad news. Long-term exposure to this has been widely linked to breast cancer! BPA ups the estrogen levels, which can prompt the growth of cancerous cells.

So what to do?

Start with ditching all products made with BPA, f.e plastic water bottles, something we all (well, at least out here in the tropics) use every day. Never, ever heat your left-overs in plastics in the microwave.
Even here in Brunei now, we can find lots of products labeled "BPA-free", yay! First step will be to swap out the kids' drinks bottles for school, and ours too.

Look after yourself.

Think pink.

(Source: Women's Health, October 2010 issue)


Anonymous said...

Baby bottles too have a lot of BPA but I have noticed a few "BPA free" sets (Avent) slipping into the shops. Just thought you'd like to know x

heffamamman said...

Nappflaskor har man ju hört om, men jag har aldrig tänkt på att det kan beröra vanliga vattenflaskor också. Och vi värmer massor av mellanmål i mikron, på de färgglada små faten från IKEA. Kanske dags att tänka om!?

Nathan said...

I am not taking a pink bottle on my bike. Oh no!